The SALTY BELT has been developed and tested for more than 6 months in different water sports like surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, stand up paddling and swimming, to come up with a product that corresponds to all the specificities of those activities.

You can now take your electronic car keys with you when you go into the water to enjoy your favourite sport peacefully.

The positioning of the belt at the hips allows you to have an absolute easiness in your movements, without having any trouble doing your water sport, and giving you a feeling of absolute freedom.

The SALTY BELT is a belt made of natural rubber - YulexTM- that you can put over your wetsuit (or under it if you like), or over a swimsuit, and that rests over your hips. Inside of the belt, there is a pouch of natural rubber in which you can put a waterproof bag (which is included in the pack).
For more security, an elastic band placed in the pouch can be tied to the cord of the waterproof bag to hold them together and secure the whole.
A Velcro band allows you to adjust the belt to your waist.

The SALTY BELT is also designed to protect your mobile phone. It allows you to take it with you while in the water and to take it out easily without any risk of losing it thanks to the safety cord tied between the belt and the water proof bag.

Not only comfortable, The SALTY BELT also guarantees an optimal security for your belongings, for example if a windsurfer breaks his sail offshore, he will now be able to call for help with his mobile phone in his pocket, or to be traced thanks to GPS devices.

The SALTY BELT will also be suited to youngsters and those who like to share their sport sessions live on social networks. Once again, thanks to this device, they will now be able to take out their phone from their natural rubber pockets and take pictures or videos of themselves or of their friends. No need to be back ashore to download your photos or videos on a phone or on a computer since you will now be able to share them live with your phone!


A patented, eco-friendly and Made in France product

The SALTY BELT is an innovation that was patented in France and worldwide at the INPI institute at the beginning of 2019, which is a true achievement for the small French brand.

It is made of natural rubber, YulexTM, a stronger and more exible material than its synthetic counterparts; natural rubber being a key material in the making of products with high performance requirements such as plane tyres or surgical gloves. Strong, elastic and stretchy, it perfectly ts at the waist. As a matter of fact, not only we avoid contributing to deforestation, but we also use the natural rubber YulexTM, which corresponds to the product’s high standards of performance.

The natural rubber YulexTM of our belt comes from sources that were certi ed FSC by the Rainforest Alliance.


The SALTY BELT is made in France, more precisely in Hossegor, in the workshop of the ALL-IN headquarters.

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